I am currently looking into the different designs and patterns of Lowe’s area rugs for our family’s new home. Because the new house was more spacious than the one where we used to live, it looked bare even with our existing furniture in it. I realized that the rooms needed to have additional ornaments and accents so that it will look more tied together. So, I researched about home decor ideas and found that a wonderful area rug shall do the trick.

In selecting the right area rug for your home, you need to take several factors into consideration. Area rugs have different purposes and careful thought is required in getting the right one.

Why Get An Area Rug?

Area rugs can add character to an otherwise boring room. It gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, making any area of the house look more inviting. Area rugs are used to soften the look of homes and serve as a contrast to cold floors. It can be a focal point or add support to the area’s focal point. It is also used to distinguish one part of the house from another. Our house does not have partitions on the ground floor, so the living and dining area are basically in one room. I placed an area rug in the living area to make that part of the room distinct from the rest. When placed together with other ornaments and home furniture, area rugs add texture and complete the style of a room.


How Do I Choose An Area Rug For My Home?

As a rule, the design of your area rugs should be in harmony with the design of your furniture. If your furniture has ornate patterns, choose an area rug with a more subdued style or those in solid colors. If your furniture has simple designs and solid colors, you can get a rug with a busier pattern to liven up the space. There are rugs that have a central medallion design. This means that the rug has a distinct central ornament in it. I used my area rug as a focal point, so I purchased one with this kind of design. However, if the room already has a focal point, get an area rug with a uniform pattern. This will accentuate the focal point.


What Are Available In Lowe’s Area Rugs?

Lowe’s carries a variety of rugs. They have indoor and outdoor rugs of different brands. So, if you decide to shop for a rug, you will be able to have a big option. Some of the top brands that are available in their store are Milliken, Safavieh, Concord Global, Rugs America and Shaw Living. They also offer rugs in a wide range of prices. If you have a limited budget, you can check rugs that cost from twenty dollars to a hundred. I checked them out when I was there and the cheaper rugs also have interesting and pretty designs. Lowe’s Area Rugs also have a website where you can view their products. The site is especially created for those who do not have the time to go to the store to shop.


What Do I Need To Do In Selecting From Lowe’s Area Rugs?

When visiting the store in search for an area rug, remember the design and style that you want your room to have. You can also take a sample of fabric or paint color with you, so you can see what rugs will match in Lowe’s area rugs on sale.

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