When shopping for Lowe’s area rugs, 8X10 rugs and other sizes will be available. Often, people get confused as to what size of rug to purchase. I bought an area rug for my living room from the store a few years back and was disappointed to find out that the size I got does not fit the room. So, after that, I made sure to be careful about buying. I searched the net for suggestions so I will know that my choice of rug will be the right fit. Here are some reminders to help you in getting the perfect area rug for your home:


Lowe’s Area Rugs: 8×10 Rugs & Other Sizes

Before hitting the store to look for your area rug, it is necessary to know the total measurement of the room. As a standard, rugs for coffee tables should be about 4X6 in size or more depending on the measurement of the table. Make sure that the legs of the table do not go out of the rug. Usually, area rugs for living rooms are about 5X7 in size. If you want to emphasize the couches or seating, be sure to leave a few portions of the floor exposed in between the rug and the seats. This will serve to frame the rug. The standard rug size for dining areas is about 8X10. Measure your dining table and from the measurement, add four feet to get the appropriate rug size. Also, be sure that the legs of the dining chairs will not go out of the rug when it is pulled out. I once made a mistake about this when I bought a rug that is too small. People often commit mistakes with sizes. So, it is best to know the exact measurements of the room where you intend to put a rug.


Area Rugs: Selecting Shapes

In buying rugs for your home, do not limit your choices to the traditional rectangles and squares. There are a variety of rug shapes such as octagon, oval and circle. A circular rug in the middle of your living room is an interesting piece. Rugs of these shapes will definitely add a unique touch to the style of the room. Make use of rugs in different shapes and sizes in one room to have variations.


Adding Texture: Cozy Area Rugs

Area rugs also make a space feels cozier. You can always select rugs that have a good amount of texture. This will bring warmth to the room. Sisal and jute are rug fabrics that are good to have when your floor is smooth or is made of wood. I placed a textured rug at the living room and my kids just enjoyed sitting there and warming themselves up in front of the fireplace.

Buying Lowe’s Area Rugs: 8×10 Rugs & Other Selections

Another important reminder when purchasing rugs is that it should fit the design of the furniture in the room. You can bring fabric samples or paint color, so you can see what kind of rug will best suit the room. When selecting from Lowe’s area rugs, 8X10 or whatever size it is, its style should complement your existing furniture.

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